Diwali at Maa Vaishno Shakti Dham:

Maa Vaishno Shakti Dham enthusiastically celebrates Diwali. Diwali or Deepawali is one the most important, hugely waited and immensely cherished festivals celebrated across India and in parts of Nepal. Originally, the name was Deepawali, which has its origin from Sanskrit which means “rows of Deep”.
Diwali is popularly is also known as Festival of Lights. Diwali is celebrated with great gusto at Maa Vaishno Shakti Dham, Surat.



The festival of Diwali is not only significant to Hindus, but, also has importance in Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. For Hindus, it is associated with the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya because of his victory over the demon Ravana and the end of his 14 years of exile.

During the festival, small earthenware lamps (diyas) filled with oil are lit and placed in rows along the parapets of temples and houses and set adrift on rivers and streams.

Over the centuries, Diwali has become a national festival that’s also enjoyed by non-Hindu communities. For instance, in Jainism, Diwali marks the nirvana, or spiritual awakening, of Lord Mahavira on October 15, 527 B.C.; in Sikhism, it honors the day that Guru Hargobind Ji, the Sixth Sikh Guru, was freed from imprisonment. Buddhists in India celebrate Diwali as well.


Significance of Diwali across India:

In India, families will clean their homes and buy new clothes. Businesses settle up their accounts and get their finances in order for the new year. During the festival, rangoli are made on floors or the ground using colored rice or powder to bring good luck. Families also visit each other bringing gifts and sweets.

In northern India, they celebrate the story of King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps. Southern India celebrates it as the day that Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura. In western India, the festival marks the day that Lord Vishnu, the Preserver (one of the main gods of the Hindu trinity) sent the demon King Bali to rule the nether world.



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